February Women’s Month

The entire nation is focused on “calendar revolution,” which is creating a rhythm of activities that makes life-to-life dialogues a primary focus for each month.  We want to construct an organization that treasures every member, without exception.  We want every person to be able to experience the benefit of faith in their life and to be able to manifest their full potential from within.  As the women of the SGI-USA, let’s implement this national goal so that it can become a reality. 

In 2009, the February district discussion meeting will be led by women.  We want to prepare for this meeting by having sincere and honest dialogues with each and every woman, beginning in December and continuing through February.  During these dialogues, let’s create an environment where every woman feels safe to express her true heart.  Let’s find out what issues she is struggling with in her life, and let’s give her confidence that through prayer and her efforts to share this Buddhism with others there is no problem that she cannot solve.

Let’s encourage her to make a “bucket list” of goals.  This list should reflect everything she wants to change and/or accomplish in this lifetime, including all those elusive wishes and dreams she has forgotten about or almost given up on, and most especially those things she thinks she cannot change.  Or put another way, what are the things she would really regret not accomplishing if she “kicked the bucket” before doing so.  Encourage her to pick at least one item off her list and to challenge accomplishing it by the time of the February district discussion meeting.

Through our joint efforts across the country, we want to awaken every woman’s self-motivated desire to challenge her personal goals with faith.  We also want every single woman to advance one step forward in her life consistent with our theme: Let’s win right now – Let’s win together!

The February district discussion meeting will be one means by which we can measure our success.  For example, have all of the women experienced growth in their lives?  Since this February discussion meeting will be the first divisionally led meeting under “calendar revolution,” we urge the women to plan a meeting that role models what a great discussion meeting should be like.  Let’s work together to create a meeting that deeply awakens the faith of every person - from the pioneer to the new member – as well as inspires the guest want to join.

“Calendar revolution” also means that all four-divisions will work together every month toward the same goals.  Therefore, we want to invite the youth and men to join us in our dialogue and “bucket list” challenge.  Through four-divisional unity, we want to have the greatest discussion meeting attendance ever at the February discussion meetings, and to welcome the most new members to our SGI family during the month of February.  In this way, we can help every single member advance while we simultaneously advance kosen-rufu. 

In late November, the women’s leader of every Area, Region, Zone and Territory will receive a DVD of encouragement from SGI-USA Women’s Leader Linda Johnson that fully explains our women’s activities towards February.  Please share this DVD with all of the women.