The Youth Vow of America
The Youth Vow of America

During the July Rock the Era Youth Culture Festivals, which served as 21st-century entrustment ceremonies, the SGI-USA Youth proclaimed their vow to their mentor, SGI President Ikeda, to accomplish kosen-rufu, their gaze set on the next 50 years and beyond.

For the last 50 years, you
have returned to America,
again and again,
burning with the determination
to help America rise,
rise to the great heights of
our mission
to become the hope of the world,
the global capital of the Oneness
of Mentor and Disciple,
your focus never once straying
from the happiness and
development of each individual.

Twenty-seven times you have
fought with us, struggled
with us, shed tears with us
here in America.
And now, from this land of
dreams—land of your youthful
struggle—genuine disciples
are emerging!

From all fifty states,
tens of thousands of American
youth have gathered,
youth from every walk of life,
all of our struggles and efforts
culminating today
at our 21st-century Entrustment

Rock the Era.
What began as a whisper
has, in the course of ten months,
become a thunderous chorus,
which grows daily still.

Do you hear our future's song?
A future in which our children
and grandchildren all equally
have the chance
to pursue their dreams and fulfill
their mission in this lifetime.
A future free of the demonic
threat of nuclear weapons.
A future in which our homes and
streets, towns and cities,
overflow with creativity and
dialogue, laughter and shared
bound by mutual respect.

Our future begins now!
For at this moment
in Philadelphia
in Chicago
and in Long Beach and Hawaii,
we inherit fully
the great ideals and responsibility
of our Mentor.
We alone shall uphold the
banner of justice.

Pursuing the Oneness of
Mentor and Disciple as the
primary quest of our lives,
we will widely share the
hope-filled teachings of
Nichiren Buddhism
with our voices, through our
example, with our lives,
so that Buddhist humanism
will, before long, be known
as 'common sense.'

We will uphold and protect the
correct practice of Nichiren
Daishonin's teachings,
never allowing corruption or
factionalism to destroy the unity
of many in body, one in mind,
never allowing arrogant priests
or corrupt individuals to take
advantage of the pure realm
of faith.

We will abolish nuclear weapons
from the face of the earth.
Those instruments of insanity,
by the year two thousand
and thirty,
will no longer have a place in
our world.

As you sang to us in your
last poem to America:
You have determined to spend
the culminating years of your life
in this America you love,
together creating infinite
sounding the reverberant
trumpet of the dawn.

Now is the time!
We are ready to welcome
you home
for the twenty-eighth time.
Your American youth
have made their entrance.
With a direct connection
to the Mentor,
we will achieve overwhelming
as young lions
and Rock the Era to its core!

—The Youth of the SGI-USA