Eternal Guidelines of Faith
Eternal Guidelines of Faith
SGI President Ikeda shared the following guidelines at a conference with visiting SGI representatives, held at the Makiguchi Memorial Hall in Tokyo, December 11, 2003.

1) Faith for a harmonious family

"If we ourselves stand up earnestly and confidently in faith, we can lead all of our family and relatives in the direction of happiness and hope."

2) Faith for each person to become happy

"Happiness is not something bestowed on us by others or that comes from somewhere outside us. It is something that we ourselves must gain, with our own hearts."

3) Faith for surmounting obstacles

"Encountering obstacles is proof that we are faithfully practicing the correct teaching of Buddhism. Moreover, through surmounting obstacles we can attain the indestructible state of life of Buddhahood."

4) Faith for health and long life

"Life is the most precious treasure of all. May you all enjoy good health and longevity, living each irreplaceable day to the fullest and creating infinite and immeasurable value."

5) Faith for absolute victory

"The triumph of truth and justice is the ultimate law of the universe itself. Firmly believing that with all our hearts is the essence of faith."