September 2007 Study Meeting Material
The excerpts below come from Volume IX in Book II of the current edition of The Human Revolution. Suggested discussion questions follow. Please also see the “highlights” reading, also available on the SGI-USA website, with longer excerpts from Volume IX. We encourage all Men’s Division members to own and read the complete work, available through your SGI-USA bookstore.


“Actual Proof” p. 1281

At a chapter general meeting, President Toda urges participants to realize their true identity as Bodhisattvas of the Earth.

“We now find ourselves at the stage of kosen-rufu where the propagation of the Gohonzon is of primary importance,” he said. “It is a critical stage of our movement, but I haven’t the slightest doubt that the Four Bodhisattvas and others have already reappeared to assist in this stage, together with the Nichimoku, Ota Nyudo, Shijo Kingo and all of the others who helped spread the faith in Nichiren Daishonin’s day.

“If they haven’t appeared by now, they are breaking the promise they made to the Daishonin. If that were the case, how could they ever apologize to him? But I am certain that Abutsubo and Sennichi-ama and the other believers of their time have been born again as Soka Gakkai members. Right now you don’t look very dependable, but that’s not your true aspect. Don’t forget that one of you is Shijo Kingo. We, the disciples who were taught directly under the Daishonin, have now assembled under the banner of kosen-rufu. If we failed to achieve kosen-rufu, how could we face the Daishonin at Eagle Peak? I command you, Bodhisattvas of the Earth: Stand up and fight!”

It was the roar of a lion, a command from Toda as the leader of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth. The lights of the auditorium made his face and flushed cheeks dazzlingly bright.


“Actual Proof” p. 1291

President Toda encourages a member whose business has failed. In desperate straits, the member decides to move to a new area. President Toda tells him that changing locations will not solve his difficulties and gives him direction on how to fundamentally change his karma.

When your life is at stake, you struggle with every single ounce of your energy. But the battle against your own karma is even harder than that. Life and faith are exactly the same. To think that you can get through somehow, just because you believe in Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, is not real faith at all. When you try so hard that the sweat streams off your brow and you squeeze out wisdom that you didn’t even think you had, then you can make the impossible possible. And that’s the time when the Gohonzon will protect you in every way, shape and form. There’s no doubt about that.


Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. What does it mean to reveal your “true identity”? How does shakubuku enable you to do so?

2. At the start of the second act of kosen-rufu, once again our movement is at a “critical phase”, what does President Toda’s direction to “stand up and fight” mean to you?

3. How have you made “the impossible possible” in your own life and how can you help others do the same?