FNCC: Mentor and Disciple Exhibit and Documentary Film

We have the "Soka Mentor and Disciple Victory Hall Exhibition" on the oneness of mentor and disciple at the Florida Nature and Culture Center. This exhibit is a result of SGI President Ikeda's consideration and honors the lives of the first three Soka Gakkai presidents. The exhibit shows, through historical items, examples of their commitment to kosen-rufu as inspiration for visitors to refresh their own dedication to this objective together with their mentor.

Featured in the exhibit are works by President Ikeda, including the "Justice" (seigi) calligraphy penned on May 5, 1979; manuscripts from the novel The Human Revolution and large photographs accompanied by poetry. Also on display are poetic works in President Toda and President Ikeda's handwriting, books and other writings of the successive Soka Gakkai presidents, and academic and civic honors received by President and Mrs. Ikeda.

The documentary film "Traveler for Peace" will also be shown in conjunction with the viewing of the new exhibition. This history of President Ikeda's activities in the United States, his "Traveler for Peace," will help viewers to understand the importance of President Ikeda's philosophy and guidance as a compass for their own life and faith, and as a lighthouse for all people.

"Traveler for Peace" explores President Ikeda's first overseas trip in 1960 and examines its lasting significance through the words of disciples in America who witnessed his efforts. The work will also look at President Ikeda's vision for the future, which he is entrusting to the youth of today, just as President Toda had entrusted it to him. More than merely a reflection on the past, the film shows how President Ikeda's activities and guidance during his first overseas trip were the foundation for the growth of the SGI today, and the eternal model for a victorious future.

Tours of the exhibition and viewing of the film will be incorporated into all FNCC conferences as an option. Please contact your local zone or territory office to find out more information about upcoming FNCC conferences. Thank you very much for your support!