To My Friends

The Daishonin advises,
“The best way to attain Buddhahood
is to encounter a good friend.”(*)
Good friends are our life’s treasures.
Let’s create a golden history
together with our fellow members,
as we inspire one another to
greater heights.

(*)”Three Tripitaka Masters Pray for Rain,” WND 1, p. 598

To My Friends

We are in the season of
high temperature and humidity.(*)
Pay attention to sudden changes
in weather and manage your health
Do your best to lead a sensible daily life
and succeed in achieving good health
and happiness!

(*)Japan has entered the rainy season.

To My Friends

Leaders should go to the
forefront of our organization!
Compassion means to
“replace suffering with joy.”
Give the kind of encouragement
that awakens friends and enables
them to transform karma into
mission and despair into hope.

To My Friends

One of the four virtues
the Daishonin mentions
is “filial piety toward
one’s father and mother.”(*)
A life brimming with appreciation
is beautiful.
Treat your parents with kindness
and consideration!
Shine with your own growth and
development and demonstrate
victorious actual proof!

(*)”The Four Virtues and the Four Debts of Gratitude,” WND 2, p. 264

To My Friends

Small gatherings where each
person shines in the limelight
are valuable.
Together with our treasured friends,
let’s share our joys of life,
conversing and encouraging
one another.

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