To My Friends

Young men and young women
chapter leaders who are
in the vanguard of the
youthful SGI organization–
Be victorious and shine on your stage!
Expand the solidarity of the
Bodhisattvas of the Earth
with prayer and encouragement
overflowing with conviction!

To My Friends

The brilliant achievements of
our praiseworthy senior members
who have triumphantly made their
way over countless mountains and rivers
serve as our examples.
May our valiant pioneers of kosen-rufu
enjoy good health and long lives!

To My Friends

Complaining erases good fortune
while having a sense of appreciation
increases good fortune.
Rather than spew grievances,
you should transform yourself.
Then you will find the way forward!

To My Friends

“Understanding and repaying our obligations”(*)
is the spirit of a Buddhist.
To our youthful successors–
Develop into wise leaders who
dedicate themselves to the happiness
of the people!

(*)”Opening of the Eyes,” WND 1, p. 228
They must . . . have been models in the understanding and repaying of obligations.

To My Friends

First decide to yourself,

“I will absolutely win!”

Then pray earnestly and


Buddhism teaches us to

take action.

Let’s advance toward

glorious and resounding


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