To My Friends

Let’s firmly establish ourselves
in the community and widely
cultivate friendships!
Trust is the greatest treasure.
Creating and spreading
warm human bonds is the
mission of a Buddhist!

To My Friends

Your efforts based on

faith will never go to waste.

Such struggles enable you

to cultivate strength,

character and trust.

To My Friends

When we encourage others,
boundless hope arises in
our own hearts.
Today, again, with undaunted
courage let’s go to those
who are suffering!

To My Friends

The results we reap in the future
are determined by the causes
we make in the present.
Let’s climb the mountain that
is right in front of us!
Our lives will shine with glory
through the accumulation
of such efforts.

To My Friends

Happiness is not the
absence of problems.
True happiness is found
in the strength to deal
with and surmount difficulties.
Be champions armed with
an indomitable spirit!

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