Where is the Happiest Place on Earth? Buddha Beat Orlando

We talk to people in Orlando to find out, where is the happiest place on earth? The Buddha Beat is a web series produced by SGI-USA that asks everyday people what they think about Buddhism.

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Youth Division

August: Sharing Buddhism with Friends

August is the month when SGI President Ikeda attended his first Soka Gakkai meeting and received his Gohonzon. SGI-USA members are commemorating this month of August by challenging ourselves to introduce friends and family to Nichiren Buddhism. In…

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Ikeda Youth Ensemble

Ikeda Youth Ensemble Amazes Champions of the New Era Meetings

In June 2014, SGI-USA Youth began holding Champions of the New Era youth meetings around the country. In an effort to inspire hope and courage to all members and guests, Ikeda Youth Ensemble members are wholeheartedly supporting Champions…

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Young Women's Division

Young Women’s Division Celebrates its 63rd Anniversary!

Today the Young Women’s Division Celebrates its 63rd Anniversary! It was established on July 19th, 1951.

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Young Men's Division

Young Men’s Division Celebrates its 63rd Anniversary

The SGI-USA Young Men’s Division, which was founded on July, 11th, 1951, celebrated its 63rd anniversary!

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