Thanks to the efforts of SGI-USA members around the country, the World Tribune surpassed 50,000 subscribers last year in its 50th-anniversary year. In this Year of Dynamic Development in the New Era of Worldwide Kosen-rufu, the World Tribune is celebrating its 51st birthday with a big gift for you: a redesigned and expanded 12-page issue.

And to celebrate this new departure, we’re deeply honored to announce that SGI President Ikeda has given the SGI-USA newspaper a motto to serve as its touchstone: Voice of Courage and Hope.

So, what changes can you expect?WT_20150815)_cover

Feature: This two-page section will highlight the philosophy, conviction and actions of SGI Buddhists, who are dedicated to creating a society where people respect the sanctity of life, and seek to transform their lives and communities rooted in the oneness of mentor and disciple.

Inside SGI-USA: This section will center on news about our kosen-rufu movement in America. It will include helpful articles for new members and those taking leadership at the front lines.

Crosswords and More: In every issue, you can look forward to a Buddhist-themed crossword, word search or word jumble on the back page.

The Human Revolution: We’re excited to announce that starting with this issue, the newspaper will begin printing revised translations of The Human Revolution once a month, introducing this essential novel to a new generation of readers.

In Sight: This two-page section will feature news in society that resonates with the ideals of Buddhist humanism.