Six conditions for authentic happiness grounded in Nichiren Buddhism.Faces - FNCC YMD - VG _0702

  1. Fulfillment.  To be filled each day with a rewarding sense of exhilaration and purpose, a sense of tasks accomplished and deep fulfillment.
  2. Possess a profound philosophy. There is no nobler way of life than to dedicate our lives to the happiness of people and the welfare of society based on the Mystic Law.
  3. Conviction. In an age when people can no longer distinguish right from wrong, the important thing is to hold on resolutely to one’s convictions, come what may.
  4. Live cheerfully and vibrantly. Those who always live with optimism and enthusiasm are not only happy themselves but also are a source of hope and inspiration for others.
  5. Courage. Courageous people can overcome anything. The cowardly, on the other hand, because of their lack of courage, fail to savor the true, profound joys of life.
  6. Tolerance. Those who are tolerant and broad-minded with a warm approachability make people feel relaxed and comfortable.

SGI President Ikeda writes:

“The six conditions I have just mentioned are all ultimately expressed in the word faith. A life based on faith is a life of unsurpassed happiness. “Nichiren Daishonin writes,‘ [Chanting] Nam-myohorenge-kyo is the greatest of all joys’ ( The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings, p. 212). I hope all of you will savor the truth of these words deep in your lives and show vibrant actual proof of that joy.”

ADAPTED FROM My Dear Friends in America, third edition, pp. 478–82

From the 3 October 2014 World Tribune.