Hurrah for the great,
noble and praiseworthy victory!(*)
I express my heartfelt appreciation and
respect to every individual for your
formidable efforts.
A new era in which the people
are the protagonists has commenced!
Let’s greet the new year determined
to lead lives of dynamic development!


New Komeito is a coalition partner of the present Japanese government (ruling party is the Liberal Democratic Party), won 35 seats in Sunday’s House of Representatives election. New Komeito was originally founded by Soka Gakkai in 1964 that later separated as an independent entity, with Soka Gakkai providing only electoral support. The New Komeito is committed to protecting human rights, including freedom of religion, and protects the interests of non-union labor and people who worked in small and medium-sized companies, constituencies that makes up a large segment of the Japanese public. [NEW KOMEITO English website:]