Real Life: Question: I Can’t Wake Up in the Morning!

Answer: Philosophers from Aristotle to Benjamin Franklin have touted the importance of rising early as the key to success. The SGI maxim “Win in the morning!” takes on even deeper significance as it refers to setting our lives in rhythm with the universe through a vigorous gongyo. So what do we do when we find it difficult to wake up in the morning? SGI President Ikeda said that sometimes the best solutions are the most obvious, ordinary and simple. In this case, it’s to go to bed early the night before. Such action, coupled with a refreshed determination to win in the morning, will serve as the source of victory. President Ikeda writes: “A bright start in the morning leads to a good day. If you continue in this way day after day, it will lead to a joyful year, a vibrant youth and a well-lived life” (April 12, 2013, Trailblazers, p. 3).

From the August 15th, 2014 World Tribune

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